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Two top BA pilots die within days of each other after complaining of long-term health effects of breathing in toxic oil fumes while flying

"Pilots have to put on oxygen masks up to five times a week...Lawyers hope to prove the existence of 'aerotoxic syndrome'...They say the air quality problem will be seen as the 'new asbestos'". Just wait until the American Trial Lawyers find a couple of rent-a-cripples and get on this anecdote. Hopefully some actual science will emerge one way or another. ( More...

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Tom Pera 4
my only question is where's this been for the last 50 years?? As a medical pro I know mass hysteria very well... this is how these things get started... 1000s have been exposed to the same air without challenge...
"...thousands of pilots are "unfit" to fly", a medical specialist is claiming, according to the article, and this has happened to others apparently. I don't think this is a BS story if people are suffering from this.
Toby Sharp 2
thousands are unfit to fly, but not directly because of toxic oil fumes......didn't exactly connect that very well
canuck44 2
Your point is well taken given the possibility of a class action tort by some trial attorney in the American system. Here we have a cohort of two that, while unfortunate, cannot be made to represent the whole. We saw this ploy on the immunization/autism junk science where you have a Hollywood airhead Jenny something who has pronounced her cohort of two affected kids to obviously represent all children vaccinated with the MMR...while ignoring here three surgeries for gelatinous thoracic enhancement on her part.

I served on ships where we were inhaling similar fumes 24 hours per day for weeks at a time. Maybe if I can find one more aging sailor with Meniere's disease we can sue the Canadian Navy.
Ric Wernicke 2
John Donaldson said "...while ignoring here three surgeries for gelatinous thoracic enhancement on her part."

Yeah, and Jenny McCarthy has fake boobs too!
Tom Pera 3
good god! people have been flying these planes for decades.... aerotoxic syndrome?? BS just more mass hysteria !!

[This poster has been suspended.]

matt jensen 1
I grew up in a refinery and steel making town, where the fumes were more than dangerous. Then worked in asbestos mines and three decades later have no such illness. Some people are just more susceptible than others when it comes to developing cancer. Again no cancer, no heart disease and I fly regularly.
Toby Sharp 1
most signs show up later in life. old age
matt jensen 1
I am old - 80 next month

matt jensen 0
I suspect the pilots masks and air filters they use. Wasn't this the case with the F-22 pilots not getting clean air?
Toby Sharp 2
not clean air but oxygen altogether
Xedom 0
Sound like it could be more from radiation exposure than fumes, being at high alt.In article she had cancer and simptoms described sound more like radiation from the high alt.being closer to the sun.This even sounds like the article i read about 10yrs ago that said pilots who fly high atl have a 35%chance of developing brain tumors then anyone else ! just a thought


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