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ANA and JAL extend grounding of 787s

Japanese carriers All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines (JAL) have extended the grounding of its Boeing 787 fleet, following reports that official investigations into the 787 incidents could still be far from over. ANA will be grounding its 787s until 31 January at least, and is using older Boeing 767s and 777s on some services originally scheduled to be operated by the problematic aircraft type. ( More...

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David Kay 4
If Boeing can't pinpoint the cause, then it's time to try and replicate the problem.Get a fully instrumented, fully loaded plane of paid volunteers running all electrical systems and circle an airport at altitude for several hours. Pick an airport where the plane is capable of landing quickly. Land and pull the batteries and look at all the electrical system data. Repeat until the cause is conclusive.
Even safer if this test can be performed on the ground, with fire trucks standing by.
Toby Sharp -1
David.....Would you go up on that flight?!
matt jensen 0
Only with a parachute and a Bible!
btweston 0
Paid volunteers, see?


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