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Two amphibious aircraft BE-200 filling water tanks

omsk region,Russia, two amphibious aircraft BE-200, filling water tanks from Ob river, for fire fighting ( More...

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canuck44 3
Beriev is an interesting company (owned by the State). It was originally a design firm pre-WWII but has specialized in Amphibious aircraft of late for both military and civilian use. They have produced some rather unique designs especially the proposed Be-2500, a massive amphibian cargo aircraft. They seem to combine the practicalities of the market with some out of the box thinking in niche areas.

Most of the US/Canadian aerial firefighting are using older aircraft of converted military and civilian use airframes from old Martin Mars (1948) to DC-10s. Many are getting tired so there might be a market here for dedicated aircraft to be shared on either side of the border. The Be-200 holds around 3200 gallons (twice the CL-415) and is able to scoop up water at over 90% of take off speed, meaning more trips with bigger load.

The US government Forest Service spends around $250 Million per year for "waterbombers".
joel wiley 1
Thanks for the info. Residing in the Calif Sierra foothills, I watched with interest. Not a pilot, but a couple things struck me. Calif doesn't have a lot of real estate for reloads. The major rivers are usually in steep canyons or bracketed by levees. How long are the approach, dip, and climbout requirements? Lakes and reservoirs around hear might be a bit cramped. Not to mention the summer crop of pleasure craft and bass fishing boats to interfere with a clean line. The Be-200 at 3200 gal holds a bit more than the C-130 3000 gal MAAFS. That platform also has its issues: limited numbers of MAAFS, competition for Air NG unit time in Afganistan, etc. We still have the rotary force with bambi-buckets but more than a bucket brigade is needed.
Larry Bowdish 1
These are really cool airplanes. It's unfortunate the the USFS won't let them work in this country. Instead, they rely on old technology. The number of water bombers that can scoop and drop continues to decrease. The DC-10 and C-130's all have long turn around times, caused in part by the need to land, then load, then go. On long runways. The FAA is opposed to letting these planes work here, and has thrown obstacle after obstacle at them.
bcameron 1
Evergreen converts B-747-100 nicknamed SuperTanker here in the States but have not been able to get real long-term contracts/make a go of it to date
joel wiley 1
Here is what Evergreen put out about the season.

The USFS fire response to a wildland fire was once described as "Spending a million or more per day until the rainy season starts"

The USFS Fire and Aviation website:
Ben Lillie 1 Although, those aren't really King Airs. ;)
tim mitchell 1
Be-200 Altair
Toby Sharp 1
Ha, got me as well!
Ben Lillie 2


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