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GA Growth Will Help Drive Aerospace Gains In 2013

Sales of general aviation (GA) aircraft and related products and services are expected to increase modestly over the next five years, fueled largely by sales of business aircraft, according to the Aerospace Industry Association’s (AIA) 2012 Year-End Review & Forecast. The report also predicts that sales of larger business jets will lead the sector and account for as much as 40 percent of all GA aircraft deliveries over the next 10 years. AIA further predicts that by the end of the decade, ( More...

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preacher1 1
Well, whichever way it goes, note that it puts the sales of the larger bizjets out in front. That is a sector of the market that needs recovery but it also indicates that business in general seems poised for a comeback, which will be good fo all.
Bill Kline 1
You've got to be kidding ? the only biz jet flying this time next year will be AF1 after Libs ruin the country


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