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Stealth Pilot Training Begins Despite Jet Delays

Yesterday the Air Force officially cleared its pilots to begin formal training on the military’s small fleet of early-model F-35A Joint Strike Fighters. The clearance followed a 46-day examination of the new plane’s systems at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. “The team at Eglin went through a rigorous process to lead the way for F-35A training,” said Gen. Edward Rice, the head of Air Education and Training Command. ( More...

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shawn white 2
Rice was right when he said they designed the system to start vvveeeerrrryyyy slowly!
preacher1 2
Besides questioning the mighty Lockheed, we haven't even stuck the Raptor in combat, although they are supposedly ready,and here we go with another billion dollar boondoggle by the pentagon. Six years training and they'll be calling it obsolete before they ever go operational.


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