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Spaceport America May Lose Virgin Galactic

Space Tourism Company Wants New Mexico To Pass Liability Exemption Laws With Spaceport America nearly complete but also nearly empty in the New Mexico desert, Virgin Galactic is asking lawmakers in the state to pass new liability exemption laws for its suppliers or risk losing the company to another state. And Spaceport America acknowledges that Sir Richard Branson could easily pack up his tent and set up shop elsewhere. ( More...

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zennermd 1
As long as it stays in the United States, I don't care what State it is in.
preacher1 1
Boondoggle will be an understatement for New Mexico if they pull out. If I read the story right, they have done it the last 2 years; I wonder why the posturing now? Branson has the money to tell them to kiss off and move his operation and they have almost 3 years and
many $ invested in it. It will be interesting before it's over.
Maybe "lose"....


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