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NATS Mulls Steeper London Heathrow Arrivals To Reduce Noise

A concept developed by Middle East carrier Emirates to bypass restrictions on night flights at capacity constrained London Heathrow by landing its A380 fleet at steeper angles is to be pursued by UK air traffic control NATS. Speaking today before the UK Transport Select Committee, the NAT chief executive Richard Deakin said that although the concept needed to be examined in far more detail in terms of the technical feasibility of aircraft such as the A380 flying such an approach, it had already… ( More...

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chalet 1
5.5º angle of approach of a million pounder 380 and touching down 6,000 ft down range is the perfect recipe for a monster accident waiting to happen. We all have watched Navy pilots coming down towards the carrier at the steep angle of 3.0º even though those planes are far more agile and less damanding than an airliner.


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