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FedEx Express Donates 727-200F to Buffalo-Niagara ARFF Crews

FedEx Express 727-200F N268FE arrived at Buffalo-Niagara airport yesterday on the final flight of its 33 year career, where it will now serve as a static training aid for ARFF crews, local and federal agencies. N268FE is the 59th airframe donated by FedEx Express to ARFF crews for training nationwide. ( More...

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Isn't FedEx Express a little redundant? I mean, I know FedEx has an Express shipping division, but it just always seemed silly to me. It's like saying VIN number...drives me CRAZY!
preacher1 2
I guess they have to do that now for ID purposes. Federal Express was the original name but the now have 5 0r 6 solid divisions, all with a corporate VP at Mem but operating HQ's all over the country.
99NY 1
It would be if Federal Express still existed, but after a few anti-monopoly rulings were handed down against Federal Express the company was split up as follows:
FedEx Express: Airline and int'l/domestic airfreight small package ground delivery
FedEx Ground: Domestic small package ground delivery
FedEx Freight: Domestic Less-than-Truckload (LTL)
FedEx Trade Networks: Int'l brokerage, Sea/Air import/ecport
FedEx Custom Critical: Time-sensitive nationwide

And so on...each has a different color code.
charles lucke 1
commendable fedex does this. there is nothing like the real thing to practice drills and refine skills that are necessary in this day and age, especially for emergency services...great job everybody!


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