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Women are increasingly ascending to top posts at aerospace firms

Female engineers, scientists and managers who joined aerospace firms during the Cold War are rising to prominence in an industry long dominated by men. At a time when federal budget cuts are reshaping the nation's aerospace industry, a far different makeover is underway in the executive suites of some of the country's biggest defense contractors. Lockheed Martin Corp., the world's largest defense firm, announced this month that electronics whiz Marillyn A. Hewson would become chief executive —… ( More...

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It is a welcome sign that the Industry is becoming gender neutral . In this age of power tools even the toughest jobs are no longer that " physical " as they used to be in the olden days . R n D people are always busy in making any and every operation on ' feather touch ' basis . Hence each and every job and function becomes " brain oriented instead of body oriented " ! So , Viva la Femme ( fatale ) !


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