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Fly like the 1 percent for a fraction of the cost

Priority boarding. Extra legroom. Champagne before takeoff. It’s not just the stuff of business class dreams. ( More...

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Jeraboam 1
I flew Turkish airlines Toronto to Istanbul return in a B777-300 upgraded with Comfort Class seats: the most comfortable flight I have ever experienced. I am a long-legged 6'2" male and was unable to touch the seat in front even with my legs fully extended. Seat width is 19.5 "; seat pitch 46" (this is not a misprint!); in-seat video is a touch screen 10.6" with over 400 channels; recline is 8.8". Meals are gourmet style with choice of entrees and wines, served on white linen cloths. Cabin is 2-3-2 style but even the middle seats can be reached without disturbing aisle passengers. Seats are comfortable, service is excellent. This was superior even to my Air Canada business class seat Toronto to Dublin. It's a shame Turkish only flies to Istanbul from Toronto. Current cost is about $1350 return ,comparable to ECONOMY fares on other airlines which also require a transfer in Europe, adding hours to your travel time. This is flying as it should be without charging an arm and a leg.
eric dufay 1
Well not exactly the 1%. They fly private.
joel wiley 1
With someone else paying for it.
sparkie624 0
My thoughts exactly...
Bill Schmiett 0
Virgin Americas Main Cabin Select is a huge ripoff. Something like $150 more for a 3 hour flight and quite frankly, one is barely able to tell the difference between the MCS and economy class when looking at the seats.


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