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Gogo to upgrade inflight wi-fi capacity

Are you gaga for Gogo inflight wi-fi? To me, Gogo’s introduction of in-flight wi-fi in 2008 was the greatest thing to happen to business travel since the invention of the jet engine. It has so transformed the flying experience that I now choose my airline based on whether or not it offers wi-fi on board—especially if the flight is longer than two hours. ( More...

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sparkie624 4
Working as a Maintenance Controller, I occasionally have to work with GOGO in maintaining their system. They are very proactive about keeping the planes system working. I remember one plane was down for repairs for extended period of time. GOGO called to find out what was up as they have not seen any traffic from it. They really seem to be supporting their product.
As an amateur radio operator I love to operate "air mobile", but I've never had any luck requesting the pilot's permission to do so on a commercial flight, so my air mobile operation has been restricted to flights on private aircraft with friends... until Gogo. Through a ham radio program called Echolink I can operate as an aviation mobile over the wi-fi link, and that's been a lot of fun. On one flight last year from SFO to IAD I was just behind first class and when I fired up the laptop and started making contacts a youngster in first class put away his video game and came back to listen and watch. He's now going for his ham license, all because he saw how much fun it was. As long as Gogo doesn't start blocking the ports used for Echolink (and we can change those) I look forward to many more hours of air mobile operation on future trips.
Edwin Weiser 2
"...came back to listen and watch." So you played the audio over your laptop speakers?!? Not something I want to be around on a commercial flight.
No, I was using a headset with a boom mic, I plugged in a second headset for him.


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