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Blue Angels Welcome New Commander

he U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron the Blue Angels held the squadron's change of command ceremony at the National Naval Aviation Museum on Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola, FL, Nov. 4. Cmdr. Tom Frosch relieved Capt. Greg McWherter as Blue Angel commanding officer/flight leader and commented on his optimism for the future and pride in taking command of the prestigious squadron. ( More...

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Bravo Boss

We had a great time at the Quebec international Air Show. From 2001 until our last show in 2010 with the Blues.

God speed to the Team

See you at the Bagotville Air Show next June


Ex air operation manager
Québec air show
This is the dream command for every naval aviator. Good luck to the new "Boss".

(For those who don't know, the callsign of the Blue Angels CO is always "Boss", regardless of their callsign when they were in the fleet, like "Maverick" or "Goose". When they return to the fleet, they assume their former callsign again.)
I was the Blues Angels project officer for Reese AFB Open House in 1992. What a great bunch of guys to work with. Still, my favorite aircraft for the Blue Angels was the F-4 Phantom. I was ready to sign up after a show with them in 1970...that college degree was a show stopper for me.

Congrats BOSS


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