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Kudos for thoughtful fliers with babies

(CNN) -- Flying with 14-week-old twin boys -- as a passenger or as their parents -- might sound like a nightmare. But a couple reportedly went above and beyond what might be considered necessary to receive a good manners travel award. ( More...

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I don't mind traveling with children. Oftentimes it can be amusing. Screaming children cannot be avoided sometimes. That said, they do rank up there with drunken inconsiderate passangers who never cease to "approach" uninterested woman. They rank up there with rude passangers sitting in front of me reclining their seats all the way back while I try to consume my meal, passangers who close the window blinds during day and individuals who in all honesty and fairness really require two seats as their bulk overflow on the passangers next to them. The truly rude, mean and inconsiderate individuals are those that take off their shoes and place their feet on the meal tray. Even more inconsiderate are those that change a childs dirty diapiers on the eating tray. I'll not even approach dogs and pets traveling inder seats, (sometimes). Thay may be your beloved pets but they do have to perform some natural functions and they do smell, like some fellow passangers. I've said it many times before. Its not the childres or infants. Rather its their parents.
Daniel Capano 0
In this era of rampant fees, why is the idea of childless flights meeting with such resistance? I would gladly pay more to fly without screaming children. I am sure i am not alone. There is sentiment out there for this accomodation. It wouldn't mean the airlines are not "family friendly"; it would just make this mindless horror we call air travel a little more tolerable and remove a major source of stress. And what about family only flights? The attendants could dress up like cartoon characters. It sounds like a money maker to me.
In my many flights between the USA and Europe, I see a big difference in the way Americans react to children, and it's almost always disappointing. In Europe, heck, even in Russia, children are welcomed and families with little ones are given thoughtful courtesy. "Mother, go to the head of the line" one Aeroflot attendant told my wife when our son was just over a year old, during a trip to Armenia via Moscow. In the USA, at Dulles, I remember that even the TSA checkers didn't even try to act like they didn't hate other people's children. Sad, but true, and it reflects badly on how Americans behave in public. The "I'm the only one that matters" selfish attitudes are deplorable. And, yes, I'm an American.
ken young 1
It's not the kids. It's the parents who permit their children to act out. The parents get defensive and sometimes downright belligerent when anyone calls out the kid's behavior.
Robert Petrin -1
May be people should just not buy the cheapest ticket available. That is probably where the babies will be.
Not so.. We generally fly first class on our world trekking. On one flight from Singapor to LA we were settling in when a young couple sat with a new baby beside us. I was hoping for the best and to my surprise not one peep from the baby all night. Mom breast fed him and I'm all for that!
Maybe the mother should offer to breast feed some of the whining adult babies. (It would shut them up, anyway... Its when kids get to 3 or 4 and parents do nothing when they kick seats, etc that some firm instruction on consideration is in order.


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