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Delta Air Lines and Mayo Clinic Working To Make Travel Safer

Delta Air Lines and Minnesota based Mayo Clinic are working together to make travel safer in light of COVID-19. This engagement builds upon Delta’s existing Delta Care Standard of superior care and cleanliness and to mitigate the risk of transmitting COVID-19 during travel for customers and employees. ( More...

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ADXbear 3
Good luck.. my favorite past employer..
well..i guess saying you are working with the mayo clinic is supposed to make employees and passengers feel "safer"...what more can be done than hand washing,temperature taking,and wearing masks in and at the airport, and on the not sure the mayo clinic could do much more unless thy have a vaccine available!delta has already adveritsed they are doing thorough cleaning of every seat and the entire airplane before every flight and upon arrival, as well as using the ultraviolet light "robot" for nighttime disinfecting...


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