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The Way Delta Decides Which Way You Board Reveals A Huge Problem In The Airline Industry

As airlines create new ticket classes and reward programs, it can be hard to decipher the distinctions between boarding classes. Looking at an airline's website reveals how complicated the boarding process has become. Airlines like American, Delta, and United have experimented with new boarding strategies designed to make the process more efficient by focusing on boarding lanes and reorganized boarding groups, but that's only part of the problem. No amount of reorganization can change… ( More...

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Mike Mohle 2
Flew Delta last week for the first time in many years (YUCK..), and boarding was very confusing even for frequent Delta flyers in t he queue.

Why can't they just print ON THE BOARDING PASS: Group 1, 2, etc, even if there are 9 or 10 groups instead of all this confusing BS? Delta, you are welcome, that will be $10,000.....

I will continue to avoid to Delta whenever possible........
Chris King 1
This is why I avoid Delta, United, etc... I fly Southwest whenever possible. On most flights I take, there are no classes, all the seats are the same and they board in the order you checked in. Usually if you check in right at the 24 hr mark, you can pretty much get whatever seat you want. It's open seating too which is nice. Boarding seems to go much faster on SWA flights in my opinion.


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