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Air New Zealand's new Dreamliner has more seats in the pointy end

The first of Air New Zealand's new-look Boeing 787-9s has arrived in Auckland, with a freshly configured interior offering more premium seats. The airline says this is in response to growing demand for premium travel and the aircraft will be used on its Auckland-Houston route from December, the first time a Dreamliner has been used regularly on North American services. Airlines make their best returns per seat in premium cabins. Increasing numbers of leisure travellers are sitting up the front… ( More...

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sueridge307 1
I wonder if some one can update me is this rego ZK-NZL a former rego of the air new zealand DC10-30 fleet that arrived?
skippyroob744 1
Yes it is that rego ZK-NZL and former DC10-30 rego from the air new zealand fleet
ADXbear 1
I don't know everyone else, but I don't want my business class seat pointing away from the windows.. that sucks... what about ladies in dresses, they will have to constantly be covering up.. idk, I don't like this config at all..
I wonder if they will use rego NZP-that was the Mt Erebus DC-10.


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