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Southwest Airlines Say Flights to Hawaii are a Priority, Canada is on the Radar

Southwest CEO says flights to Hawaii are a priority while flights to Canada are on the radar but currently not a priority. ( More...

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paul trubits 2
Lots of Canadians drive down to KBUF to fly SWA. Even with the exchange rate, the flights are a bargain. It would be a no-brainer for SWA to have flights to Toronto(but I am sure that they know that already).
That won't make WJA happy, especially with the failed inter-lining they had at LAS and OAK for access to Canada.

as for Hawaii, they should have had that easily from the routes they inherited from AMT, as they already had flights (albeit chartered) between LAS, LAX, and PHNL. Either way, if they have ETOPS certification for their flights to TNCA and MROC, they should easily be able to make PHNL.


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