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Delta Eyes Big Late Summer Order; Analysts Don't Like Boeing's Chances

Delta Air Lines may issue a request for proposals in August or September as it weighs 74 orders for either Airbus A320neo or Boeing 737 Max jets, plus an extra 75 options on more planes. ( More...

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Pat Tolaj 1
It's simple: The new A320 family is just better overall. Boeing needs to stop pretending the 737 is going to be something that it's not.

I've said it before and I'll continue saying it: they need to restart the 757 program with new engines, avionics and a composite frame. Because once the A321LR goes into full swing, it will absolutely dominate any 737 on the market. It's going to fly longer, at less cost, and will be an almost direct replacement to the 757. I love Boeing, but they're lagging in the single aisle markets right now. And with Bombardier and Embraer entering the market, it's only going to get tougher.

As for the wide-body market. That'll be close, but Boeing will be fine.
linbb -3
Get over yourself its no AC just another airliner and since this is a cheering for airbus web site any more you comment is stupid a the best. You know little or nothing about AC it appears its no more than a Chevy vs Ford they both do a good job its the way they are supported by the EU countrys which is one difference.
Learn to spell.
Pat Tolaj 1
Lol. Stfu. And learn to spell.


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