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Secondhand Smoke Inside Airports Puts Air Travelers and Employees at Risk-CDC

Average air pollution levels from secondhand smoke directly outside designated smoking areas in airports are five times higher than levels in smoke-free airports, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The study conducted in five large hub U.S. airports also showed that air pollution levels inside designated smoking areas were 23 times higher than levels in smoke-free airports. In the study, designated smoking areas in airports included restaurants, bars, and… ( More...

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Toby Sharp 2
Second hand smoke puts people at risk?! Nice money wasted on that study......
sparkie624 0
This is very true... And smokers don't care... If they did they would not smoke around there children/family, out in public, or anywhere else. A very selfish habit. It really makes me mad driving down the road and one of these horses cabooses flicks the cigarette out the window.. If you do this, then I am talking about you as well....

With all the sue happy people in the world, I should document all the smokers that stand around me smoking and sue them for producing secondary smoke and making me sick... With our liberal government, it would probably work... :)


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