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Delta Pilots Ratify Tentative Agreement

Pilots at Delta Air Lines Inc. say they have approved a new contract that will bring them raises and also allows the airline to fly more 76-seat regional jets. Pilots will get raises of almost 13 percent over the life of the contract. It takes effect on Sunday and runs through the end of 2015. It was approved by 62 percent of voting pilots. Read more here: continue in full force and effect through… ( More...

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Tim OLeary 2
I donno...there are many sections in the contract that aren't explained in the article other than the "small" scope clause regarding regionals and base pay bump. There is a "Big" scope regarding code sharing and the usual work rules on scheduling. It isn't a bad contract considering the environmrnt and a 62% note isn't overwhelming but a healthy margin considering the membership mix.
Watch for the delays or late arrivals .. The pilots' know how to counter a contract, they do not like


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