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New Eclipse 550 Slated for Realase in mid-2013

Eclipse Aerospace started production of its new Eclipse 550 on June 1, marking a new chapter for the very light jet which pioneered the market. ( More...

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pilot0987 1
Glad to hear that they are finally getting things straight. I really enjoy flying these, hoping the new ones being produced are less glitchy. They seem better than the previous versions.
zennermd 1
I wish them luck. I have always loved the Eclipse jets.
Robert Curley 1
I'd love to see them develop the 400. That is the sleekest jet I've seen. I'm not sure of the market but I's like to see it fly. An avionics upgrade is a must though.
zennermd 1
I completely agree. The 400 is an amazing looking aircraft. If I had the money, it would be my first jet.


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