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US Airways to Keep American's Name, Texas HQ

Aviation Week's report on details that are coming out about US Airways's proposal to take over AMR. ( More...

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John Hale 4
I don't see this happening. US has to many issues with unions they haven't fixed yet and the people under AMR are just as stubborn. I think our government will see this and reject the merger.
slgordon3 2
I read this stuff and shrug my shoulders and laugh. I live right by PHL, winds outta the east today and just got to see the A333 service from Rome come in. The one flight they have from Rome to the main "international hub" in Philly. Philadelphians, at least the ones that travel, tend to consider US Airways the inferior local bad airline we are stuck with. Flying thru SFO recently, i look at all those United flights and think wow, now that's a real airline. US Air has so many problems, as others have pointed out, but also they are just so much smaller than American. How on earth could this possibly work?
Jim Quinn 2
AA was so predatory that I wanted to see them go under years ago when Bob Crandall was at the helm. AA would go into a small city, undercut a regional airline for month after month, operating at a loss, until the other airline(s) serving that city gave up, then they would jack up the prices, cut flights and services and gloat. It's happened all over the country. Yes, it's business, but AA is about to get what it deserves. And I hated to see America West take U.S. Airways' name--the reasoning was that US Airways had a more recognized name throughout the country and in foreign nations. Unfortunately they also had a reputation that was not always very flattering. I usually flew four segments every week on AWE and had nothing but great things to say. It wasn't always that way after the merger.
Perry Lindsay 1
Parker has the three unions with seats on the creditors committee on board with the merger. If he gets the rest of the creditor committee to agree with US AIrways plan on how to proceed with American's bankruptcy, the creditor committee can petition the judge to allow a competing plan to be entered in the bankruptcy process. American would lose the right to have exclusivity during the bankruptcy process. Parkers's plan saves almost 6000 jobs over Americans plan. If the "money" guys see the value in this and other aspects of his plan, this is a done deal.
Ant Miraa 1
well ad someone previously said, two wrongs don't make a right. This merger probably won't be great like delta and united. the network is small. remember when us airways merged psa etc,that didn't go so well and then they did it again with AWE. let's see how this plays out.
KauaiGolfer 1
I hope this never happens. US should stay as far away as possible from the sky nazis. If you don't feel that's an accurate name for AA, ask any former Braniff or TWA employee.
MimosaDrive 1
Don't forget Eastern Air Lines...
MimosaDrive 1
If this merger really happens, they would be smarter to come up with a new name. Neither airline has a positive name brand in my opinion.
American Airways sounds ok...
preacher1 1
you flyin that 55 and 35 that's on your profile?
Yeah Preacherman, we got a few. U looking for a job, u could have mine. I'm ready to be a househusband!!!
preacher1 1
You won't like it, and I don't want to move to the Northeast.LOL
brian hamlin 1
THIS ISNT GOING TO HAPPEN! I work for AMR, the two airlines arent even talking, who cares what the stupid unions do/say.
Loren Lintner 1
So what do you do for AMR?
Peter Harman 0
^ this statement is true. i have a friend who also works for AMR and he says its the unions who are spreading all these rumors
Loren Lintner 1
Just dad this again and laughed. Obviously nobody knows unless they are actually in the meeting room.
Loren Lintner 1
Just read....
preacher1 0
It is union talk and just positioning by US Air.. By law, the companies cannot talk direct while in BR without the approval of the judge and at any rate, nothing could happen until AMR came out of BR.Like I said before, I think AMR will emerge from BR as an independent carrier and come out with guns blazing. Parker has a big target on both his front and back and he is opting for self protection right now. If he doesn't do this deal, I feel that Horton will come after him unmercifully after they emerge.He needs to. IMHO
Umm.. didn't AMR move their headquarters to Chicago, to be closer to Boeing? I could have sworn they did this between 2002 - 2004, when Boeing moved to Chicago from Seattle.

Next questions are this.. Does this mean that the US Airways brand and the brands that made up AWE (Piedmont, PSA, America West, Allegheny) are going away? So far, this article mentions more about what stays, but nothing about what goes.

If it goes through, I still say to look for this new airline to leave Star Alliance. OneWorld won't have a US presence if they don't. Also, in addition to the liveries for the brands above, I wonder if we should expect one for Reno Air as well as TWA, which were both eaten up by AAL.
John Tinney 2
AMR is located in Fort Worth. While the DFW area and AA tried to lure Boeing, there wasn't that much to be gained out of it. Boeing was only moving their corporate headquarters (less than 500 people), not their manufacturing (which would have a big economic impact on the region).
Ted Sommer 1
Forgot one Brad, AirCal, went away with AA same time we, PSA, got sucked under by US


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