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Stephen Brown 2
I don't understand how this is news. Why wouldn't you. This is a no brainer. From this article it doesn't include public money only private.
preacher1 1
Continental moving and JSC not getting a space shuttle wouldn't have cost anything either and it didn't really make the news but the Contineal thing cost about 1500 jobs and no measurement on not getting a shuttle for the tourism. Jim Johnson's comment here is right on!!!!!!!
Great! Thanks so much Mayor for your support.

preacher1 0
'Bout time she got off her duff and did something, ala Continental moving and no shuttle for JSC.
At6reo 3
That she does have ,a big duff.
preacher1 2
She has caught so much hell for the 2 items above that right or wrong, she must have figured she had to do something, and you are right about her duff.LOL
At6reo -1
Now this is really bad for not only the traveling public also for the people who work at IAH. The airport manager states 10,000 new jobs would be added.Hmm and if not what then? Then the city of houston should be fined if that doesn't happen. Also the city can't even maintain IAH now as a international airport how are they going to keep two airports going . For you the International traveler ,have you ever seen directions in French,German,Japanese know what I mean? The city said it was to expensive to do . Yeah we need another international airport like the people in Houston need another dome stadium .

[This poster has been suspended.]

richard weiss 1
out of bounds, Jim.
If anything's queer, it's your bike!!!


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