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Frankfurt airport strike to continue until weekend

FRANKFURT, Feb 21 (Reuters) - Strikes at Frankfurt airport, Germany's largest, will continue until the weekend, the GdF union, resulting in more flight cancellations and delays. Just under 200 apron control workers, such as those who guide aircraft to parking places, are striking over a pay dispute with Fraport, which runs the airport. German carrier Lufthansa has already cancelled hundreds of flights a day because of the walkouts, which started last Thursday. The latest walkout started at 0400… ( More...

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preacher1 1
Just Curious. Anybody know why that Nighttime flight ban is in there? A noise thing or what?
Roland Dent 1
Jutta Grimm 1
yes, people in the vicinity of the airport are strongly complaining about the noise. There are new routes now for inbound aircraft. Demonstrations take place on Mondays inside the airport terminal.
But keep in mind the airport is the bigget employer in the county of Hesse.
Regular thing in Deutchland! Even the Air Force (US) doesn't fly in/out of Ramstein at particular times.
Donnave abt 1
As far as neighbors of the airport and noise control, I have a question...was the airport built before they moved there or after? It makes a difference in my mind.


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