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Factbox: Boeing's worst crashes over the last decade

A Boeing 737-800 jet operated by China Eastern Airlines (600115.SS) crashed in the mountains of southern China on Monday. Media reports said there were no signs of survivors from the aircraft, which had 132 people on board. ( More...

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bentwing60 6
I'm gonna go out on a limb here,(with a chainsaw), and say that since this almost a decade long troll has been here, (FA squawk, comment board), there have been No AB crashes,as his pure unbiased squawked events have revealed none. The moderator clearly approves of the tactic!

P.S. (sorta, Pure Sarc.) A sad required addendum for the 28V bulbs now regularly operating on this 14V system!
linbb 1
So trolls never leave miss the one fellow that used to be on here years back. He did a great job op posting and answering questions. Thin this pos shows up with the same crap over and over.
Greg S 2
MH370 is a piece of shit. His account is pure propaganda and malice. He'll post any mishap that involves a Boeing aircraft, even in the most indirect a peripheral way. He once posted about someone who was wandering on a runway getting hit and killed by a plane. The reason: the plane was a 737. MH370 will walk on someone's grave to fulfill his propaganda mission.
MH370 -5
linbb 5
You are beyond a troll go find something esle to do. Oh and by the way Airbus has had as much trouble with there AC as Boeing ever has. Just never had social media like you trolling it. They had a split throttle problem for years before it got fixed and killed many people by the way.


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