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Ryanair Says Sorry After Saying Scotland Isn’t A Country

Ryanair has apologized after a staff member told a passenger that “Scotland is not a country.” ( More...

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Ryanair is an airline operated by dicks
Tim Dyck 0
Scotland has not been a country since 1707. The airline should not apologize for stating the truth.
Bandrunner 1
Tim Dyck 1
Oh look another name caller.
May I suggest that instead of just calling people names you try debating whatever it is you disagree with. That’s how adults deal with discussions, if on the other hand your not capable of that may I suggest Facebook? It’s a place we’re people sit all day calling each other names instead of discussing topics. You and Jim might find that more to your likening.
Jim Stalker 0
No mate, in case you have forgotten, you are the one in essence who started name calling, and so you deserve to be ridiculed for it - end of chat!
Jim Stalker 1
You are aptly named mate!
Richard Harris 0
Funny the Scotts were the backbone of the United Kingdom. It was a primarily Scottish army that William 111 took to Ireland and defeated James' forces a time Boyne. Today, they are a thin skinned socialist bunch. What a shame.
John Reilly 1
Socialist! Now there's a proper insult for you.
Bandrunner 1
Oh look, another pillock.


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