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FedEx, UPS operate large Boeing freighters FAA says vulnerable to 5G

Some major U.S. cargo airlines have planes that could be restricted from landing at airports under a new FAA directive related to 5G wireless. ( More...

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Highflyer1950 5
Funny they don’t mention the Airbus family of aircraft who share the same radio altimeter manufacturer and 5g interference may cause the pre flare law to activate prematurely possibly leading to a nose high/stall attitude?
Roy Hunte 1
Money and politics...
avionik99 2
And where is the data for this from the exhausting testing they have done?? Oh yeah there isnt any!! Look at the wording...Could, Might etc. What the hell is really going on because it isnt science! It seems to be politically motivated or just plain fearmongering!
Mike Mohle 2
If the crew wears their masks they will all be OK
Roy Hunte 1
Money and politics
Eric Kulisch 1
Yeah, it's very specific it seems. But I there are several altimeter manufacturers and types, so it varies from plane to plane.
linbb 0
Do you have ANY new NEWS? This if it was fish would stink its so old.
Eric Kulisch 1
I think the new part is seeing which airlines might be impacted. Acknowledge the 5G AD was a day old, but lots of news to cover these days.


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