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FedEx Seeks FAA Review of Lasers to Protect Cargo Flights from Missiles

FedEx wants to equip some of its aircraft with military-style missile defense technology. If allowed to do so, the airline could fly over contested areas that might otherwise be closed off to air traffic, according to a filing with the Federal Aviation Administration. The missile defense system directs infrared laser energy toward an incoming missile in an effort to confuse the missile’s tracking of the aircraft’s heat. ( More...

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avionik99 0
Best just to stay away from those areas altogether. Profits are not worth that risk to begin with.
James Simms 1
Not if they’re part of CRAF (Civil Reserve Air Fleet) subject to ‘call up’ by DOD & U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM). In return, participating carriers are given preference carrying peacetime cargo & passengers for the military. Would be more cost effective to outfit the entire fleet rather than a select few.
Vaughn Blue Jr 0
They need to worry more about getting packages to their intended destinations than a laser defense system!


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