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US cargo airlines up in arms over Saudia flying rights request

Can you say double standard? Chutzpah? That's how big U.S. cargo carriers feel about Saudia trying to pick up a new route. ( More...

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houseofgold 1
This article is unreadable without subscribing to the service. Argh!
Eric Kulisch 1
You have to register, provide some info. But it's free.
houseofgold 2
They will Market to you per disclosure, and I get enough junk without agreeing to more,
Eric Kulisch 2
Maybe, or maybe they just want to understand their readership a bit more. Either way, the other option is charging everyone a subscription and I'm not sure everyone wants to pay for every news site they like.
sharon bias 1
I signed up and look at their web site all the time. Really cool info regarding all types of transport including ships, trains, and trucks.


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