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Iran tampered with victims’ phones, tablets after flight PS752 crash

A new report is accusing Iranian authorities of tampering with the electronic devices and misidentifying the remains of some of the passengers killed on Ukrainian Airlines Flight 752. ( More...

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avionik99 4
Like anyone thinks that Iran can be trusted for anything?? Of course they lied!!
Kevin Keswick -3
Seems like a ridiculous claim. The jet was blown out of the sky with very little left. They claim the following in the report:

"The new report says several mobile phones and tablets of dead passengers showed signs of tampering in what could have been an attempt to cover up the cause of the crash.
“One likely explanation is that these electronics may have been bulldozed over in an attempt to destroy any potential evidence that victims recorded in the last minutes of their lives,”

Stop and think how STUPID the above claim is! The Iranians ran a bulldozer over the phones in an attempt to destroy evidence"?

The FACT is Iran quickly took responsibility for the crash. Iran quickly said one of their air defense missiles shot down the aircraft - there is no cover-up on the part of Iran. To the extent that Iran know what happened Iran have admitted everything.

The big question is how did one of Iran's air defense missiles come to shoot down an airliner? Shooting down a civilian airliner is the very last thing that Iran would want to do so the question is how did it happen?

Iran has accused Russia of selling Israel the codes to it's Russian made air defense systems which allowed the Israeli's to spoof the system making a civilian airliner look like an enemy target. This is a very likely explanation of what happened IMO. Israel has no problem putting civilian passenger lives at risk if doing so accomplishes Israel's objectives. Israel uses civilian airliners as shields for it's fighter jets that bomb Syria almost nightly - putting the lives of civilian passengers at risk on an almost daily basis! Why is there no outrage in the civilian aviation community over this? It is well documented. It is only a matter of time before a Syrian air defense missiles shoots down a passenger jet that the Israeli Air Force has used as a shield for attacks on Syria. Of course this is what Israel wants because they know most of the world will blame Syria.
Andrew Smith 2
Kevin, what you wrote in your comment is in direct opposition to the information in the article, information which appears to be fact-based.

Which points in the article are your specifically refuting?


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