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airBaltic Reaches 100% Staff Vaccination Milestone

airBaltic has revealed that 100% of its active workforce is now vaccinated against COVID-19 ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 11
The key word here is “active” — many other companies have reached the same milestone by suspending or terminating unvaccinated employees.
Shrimp333 2
As I was saying, Talk is good but stop the whining & complaining. Talk about the good out there. It's there if you look for it.
Thank You
Silent Bob 7
Have they all had a/the booster? Because if not they're not "fully vaccinated" according to the latest hysteria.
Matt Reardon 6
Who cares, i certainly dont. Its not nearly as important as governments and media would have you believe for a wide variety of reasons. We can start with the fact that flights, terminals, and all other airport areas have NEVER been shown or known to be foci of epidemic spread amoung passengers or staff. The occasional case sure but risk overall far less than social interaction with family, coworkers, and friends. The 100% rate does not reflect the % that never acquired immunity, the additional ever growing % whose immunity has or is waning day by day, and the fact that the vast majority have not and will not get the virus regardless. Its largely a tall tale constructed to fantastical heights by the government beurocrats and the media who are experts at creating self-serving synthetic reality. And let me remind all of you, this pandemic thing is not new, we have been having annual influenza pandemics for millenia with many recent ones being far worse for the general public than this covid thing. Believe me, for the general public, the typical flu seasons have been very dramatic with clinics jammed packed with very very sick people with bad flu syndromes, the covid thing most clinics empty except for the usual flood of injuries, and other common conditions. Only a limited set of vulnerable subgroups have been more affected.
clarify 3
I'm sorry, but comparing COVID-19 to the flu is utter nonsense. When was the last time the flu killed 767,000 Americans in less than 2 years? Or kill 5,130,000 people world-wide?

Yes, the flu is dangerous and that's why I get vaccinated against it every year and urge family to as well.
Tommy Boy 1
Don't apologize for being informed and correct, especially to those that make up their own theories and pawn them off as scientific fact.
JUst confirms the unhealthy lifestyle of that country. Most people that died had previous existing conditions like obesity, overweight, diabetic etc etc.
Tommy Boy 2
And practically every person that has died, possibly all, were not vaccinated.
rossbudd 5
Not impressed!
Anthony Acri 2
All bull Acchievd by nazi tatics. get it or get fired So They still have to wear a mash social distance get covid and spred it
And they have no clue the side effect of the experiment on them

CEO go take a dump
Robert Plews 3
Be nice! Politics stay off the blue sky.
msetera -6
I read nothing political about his correct comment.
clarify 3
Mandating vaccines is a George Washington tactic, such as when he ordered all troops to be vaccinated on January 6, 1777.

There are no concentration camps or death camps, just uninformed people who don't know what Nazism was about. Here there are just good people trying to save as many of their fellow humans as possible and battling through the gullibility and stupidity as best they can.
Tommy Boy 0
NAZI? What are you, 12 years old?
Yehuda Mond 1
Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap.
I'm sure they all did it by choice. How inspiring!!
Anyone who refuses the vaccine is a murderer. Like, literally.
Shrimp333 1
Hi Everyone that has commented on this. Did a little research and only 2 of all of you have any pictures posted and they were 6 & 9 yrs. ago respectively for a total of 36 pictures. So it looks like all of you just want to do is Talk. This is supposed to be a fun website, posting pictures, views & votes. And talk about planes. Yes you have brought politics into it and just argue back & forth. Talk is good if it is good content why don't you take it to a website that people care. Or at least take pictures which is the main part of Flight aware. Talk is good but stop the
Tommy Boy 1
It's an article about a corporation that achieved a 100% vaccination rate. What did you want a picture of? What did you think the comments would be about?
Shrimp333 1
Yes you are right. I've never added anything to the squawks this was my first. So my comments unfortunately related more to the Flightaware tracking. Everyone has their things they like to do.
Thanks for being polite about it.
Clear Skies.
mikeenderle -2
Wow. That's so brave of them. What an impressive feat to shitcan everyone who thought for themselves.
clarify 2
People who "think for themselves" is a broad category and includes those who demonstrate incredibly stupidity and selfishness. After all, people who choose to drive on the wrong side of the road into on-coming traffic "think for themselves". And the most gullible pat themselves on the back and laud their "thinking for themselves".
richoff -6
I would suggest all Airlines reveal, preflight, if all flight deck personnel are fully jabbed, so customers can avoid these flights if they choose.
veramoosdijk -2
I feel sorry for the staff.


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