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Southwest Airlines employee hospitalized after passenger punched her, police say

A Southwest Airlines employee was assaulted by a passenger Saturday afternoon following a “verbal altercation,” the airline said. The incident happened during boarding for Southwest Flight 4976 from Dallas Love Field to New York’s LaGuardia Airport. According to Dallas police, the passenger boarded the flight around 12:40 p.m. and headed straight to the back, where she argued with a flight attendant who instructed the passenger to leave the plane. The passenger then walked to the front of the… ( More...

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Dan Rice 4
The airlines have a very powerful tool to reduce this. Upon conviction or guilty plea the passenger is placed on a no-fly list for all airlines operating in the US. There is not "right to fly" hence no constitutional issues. The only hitch is getting "all" the carriers to agree and enforce.
patrick baker 3
i see far too many of these similar reports, and i wonder if someone ought to go wake up the FAA enforcers. The laws about these assaults is clear, the penalites are proscribed,those found guilty ought to be in prison, and the fines assessed need to be collected, else folks who are inclined to bash physically flight crews will think they can have impunity for those misdeeds. Ah, perhaps folks need to be arraigned, tried, if convicted, then fit them with prison wardrobe at once. If the current FAA folks can't be bothered then lets fire them and get some new folks to get it done.
sharon bias 3
I'm always curious how many of these incidents involve people who were drunk or drugged. No excuse, of course, but maybe looking at how alcohol is served in the terminals is worth a review. A breathalyzer before boarding? Not unreasonable. If someone is legally drunk, can they exit a plane during an emergency? Food for thought.
twschmidt4 1
Good point. Perhaps airport security can be hanging around these terminal bars looking for intoxication.
Paul Miller 2
Yes, I agree with all that you said here, it's getting to the stage (and I hate to say this) that soon a Fight Crew member will NOT survive one of these assaults ? and then watch out what the FAA will do then I wonder ?
David Isaacs 1
Those who need to drink should fly United. See the new post.


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