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European airlines boost capacity, cargo sales as US reopens to travel

The U.S. is open to travel business again, and more cargo too. ( More...

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paul trubits 2
That is why you wear a mask
Cleffer 1
Good thing vaccinated people can't carry COVID. Especially from Germany right now. Whew.
SkyAware123 0
lol. It's funny. Just when they open up, Europe has an explosion of covid outbreak, in some areas bigger than ever before in covid history. MEanwhile they've got 70+ % vaccination rates. These vaccines don't work for shit. I wonder how long before the US will shut the door again?
Eric Kulisch 2
Did not know there was another spike in COVID cases in Europe. Will have to look into it. But not sure you can say vaccines don't work - do we know that the outbreak is among vaccinated people? Likely majority are unvaccinated.


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