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A harmonica strikes a discordant note in the airport security line

The TSA officer told Phil that, when X-rayed, a harmonica can look just like a handgun magazine. ( More...

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godutch 3
Government is just stupid. Not in that the harmonica piqued a security interest per se...but that the TSA considers a magazine a dangerous weapon. FFS!!!
Dennis Parker 2
Had a similar [problem when transporting a 20 pack of Duracell AA batteries, not ammunition LOL.
msongy 2
A handgun magazine is basically a metal Pez dispenser, but somehow it's considered dangerous by the TSA.
godutch 1
...we can throw unloaded Glock magazines at each other...eventually one of will get a good hit on the other. That's about as dangerous as they can become. LOLOL
Cleffer 1
"Security Theater"
bentwing60 0
TSA, the GWB jobs program for sham security!


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