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Year after going missing, United Airlines exec found dead at Chicago area Illinois forest preserve

Jacob Cefolia, 50, of Elmhurst,IL was found hanging from an uprooted tree Friday at the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve, (suburban Chicago) authorities said. Officials said there were no signs of foul play. The former senior vice president of worldwide sales for Chicago-based United, Cefolia had been reported missing on Aug. 8, 2020. The mystery surrounding his disappearance quickly garnered widespread media attention and prompted a sizable manhunt. ( More...

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Cleffer 3
Sullen news this morning. Such a sad moment in a person's life when this is the only answer to their pain. =(
emkostiuk 1
pilotjag 1
sharon bias 1
He had to be in a bad state of mind to find his way into such a secluded location. This was at the height of the pandemic. Many people were mentally distressed. Too bad he didn't find help in time.
John D 1
I know of a few who have ended their own lives, all went somewhere desolate. Must be part of the process. Wanting no interference.
how very sad for this mans family..the story does not say,but a reader has to assume he committed suicide if he was found hanging from a tree,a year after his diasppearance..odd the area was searched many times and he was not found,but that seems to happen a sir...


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