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FAA demanding more transparency from U.S. airplane manufacturers - testimony

"We are prioritizing oversight of manufacturers and working to focus that oversight on safety-critical areas. We are delegating fewer responsibilities and demanding more transparency from them, and evaluating key assumptions prior to delegating functions in certain areas." ( More...

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Fazal Khan 8
Certifying your own product/quality actually goes further back than the sequestration era, quite common with defense contractors. I first saw that back in around the mid 80's in our (General Dynamics') Abrams tank contracts. The conundrum Govt. faced was, should they trust the contractor with just the oversight with a few govt. employees or hire a horde of people to watch everything the contractor does. Apparently they went with trusting the folks whose number one priority was/is the share holder value and their own bonus checks and in case of Boeing it blew up ...I am not offering any solutions here as I really don't know where that fine balance is ....
DGR Rathborne 8
Given the ensuing revelations ,after the 2 Max incidents , it is no surprise to me that the FAA , is taking back it's certification authority from Boeing . The FAA has had no choice . After all Boeing gave the FAA a big black eye over this , and as for the FAA , to even remain relevant , they had no choice but to step on Boeing . At best , Boeing let down everybody . This is a real shame . Boeing used to be a Great and Responsible and Trust worthy Manufacturer . When they said that an aircraft was safe , you could bet on that . But not now . DGR
Gregg Bender 8
I've never been happy with the idea that any company or organization should be allowed to "police" itself. It's a massive conflict of interest and temptation to cut corners, ignore regulations, etc.
Ricky Scott 1
Especially since McDac bought Boeing with Boeing's money then started instituting their do it cheaper faster attitude.
"When they said that an aircraft was safe , you could bet on that . But not now"

What years are you talking about exactly?
DGR Rathborne 4
I don't understand the fixation ,that everything is the gov't fault . All these conspiracies theories are not possible , because your politicians are generally to stupid to pull it off . Why can't one focus on just the fact that Boeing got the best of the FAA , using lies and dirty tricks to gain Certification for a dangerous aircraft . All this talk about wild stories is just Noise , and is of no help or interest to serious discussions ......DGR
Robert Cowling 6
What blocked that transparency was sequestration, a move by congressional republicans to make Obama a one term president. It failed, but eviscerated governance, and their fix for the mess they created was to appoint the very regulated industries to be their own inspectors and allow them to certify their own products. Only a mental midget would think that act wouldn't backfire spectacularly.

They are proving government doesn't work by spending billions to get elected to kill it once in office. They are parasites, cancer, terrorists...
Robert Cowling 7
It happened at the FAA, obviously, but also the FDA, EPA, and many other agencies.
Gary Bain -1
Of course it was the Republican's fault. The following article proves that this is completely false.
Thanks Obama


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