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An African airline just started flying regularly between New York and Baltimore using one of Airbus' newest jets

Air Senegal has launched service between its country's capital of Dakar to Baltimore in the US. The route will run with a layover in New York, but most Americans can't fly on the domestic leg. One of Airbus' newest wide-body jets, the A330-900neo, will operate the route. The African airline Air Senegal launched flights from its capital of Dakar to Baltimore on Thursday. The unique route includes a layover in New York before continuing on to Baltimore, but most Americans cannot fly… ( More...

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Paul Wisgerhof 1
The only "problem" with going to JFK is that on the inbound leg from Dakar to BWI everyone has to get off, get their luggage, and go through customs and immigration. Those passengers going on to BWI would have to turn in their luggage on leaving customs and then go back to the Air Senegal gate. The non-stop flight distance from DSS to BWI is 3966 miles. DSS to JFK is 3830.


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