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Lockheed A380 (Found & Explained)

Before the A380, Lockheed Martin had an idea for a double decker super transport plane. An insane aircraft designed in 1996 that was bigger than a 747, carried more passengers than an A380 and would have dominated the skies. Let’s explore this never built aircraft. ( More...

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linbb 3
Shure dont want to offend you but most of your posts are more like a person who stumbled upon a web site and saturates it with there posts. Way back before your and MH370 time posts used to be very relevant to aviation things like this one. The fellows name was Preacher, you could discuss things with him about a technical item among other things. Just my thoughts about posts on here by some. Go ahead and report me again if needed.
sparkie624 1
Nope... think you got the wrong person! Have you ever seen a Lockheed A380... I haven't, Have you?


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