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Southwest Airlines Wants To Grow But One Constraint Remains

Southwest Airlines is sitting in a really great position. With the worst of the crisis behind it, leisure passengers have come back, small- and medium-sized businesses are sending employees on the road again, and travel restrictions have started to come down. With the environment improving, Southwest Airlines is in a position to grow. However, according to CEO Gary Kelly, there is one open-ended question on whether or not the carrier will be able to grow. ( More...

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Robert Cowling 2
They need a large capacity long haul plane. A 737 doesn't cut it for the clientele they could be seeking to fly their airline. They wouldn't need many of them, but they likely should adopt what has worked very well for other carriers. Larger planes feeding their smaller hubs with larger numbers of passengers. The benefit would be more passengers per flown mile, and the potential to flood more passengers into their outlying smaller terminals and hubs. It makes sense. Will they do it? (Yeah, I didn't read the article as in past attempts I've been slammed by a spamwall)


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