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A look into the largest jet engine ever made: who will beat the giant?

All commercial aircraft designed during the last 40 years are powered by gas turbine engines. These are either turbofan or turboprop. Currently, and judging by the number of deliveries made across the globe, the best-selling jet engine is the turbofan. And among the turbofans is an engine model, which presently holds the title of the world’s largest engine. However, a competitor might well usurp this position. Here, AeroTime investigates the biggest commercial aircraft ever made. ( More...

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patrick baker 1
what airline using what airframe is going to fly using this engine when ,in the future? The airframe does not exist quite now. And the world has rendered a verdict lately on super-sized airliners. Is this engine to power a next generation of cargo aircraft? or passenger aircraft? or what, exactly.


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