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The Air Force gives a green light for the KC-46 to start limited refueling operations

The Air Force has approved the Boeing KC-46 tanker to move into limited operations with its centerline drogue system, allowing the aircraft to be tasked for everyday refueling missions that meet certain criteria. Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost, the head of Air Mobility Command, signed off on the decision July 9, the Air Force said in a news release on Monday. ( More...

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Tom Bruce 1
so they can refuel navy aircraft.... so disappointed in Boeing.... it was just a tanker...
patrick baker 1
boeing did very little original engineering here, and went design crazy with the new boom, in that people have always operated the refueling boom successfully for decades. This KC-46 seems to have fleas aplenty. Is designing a proper refueling aircraft really beyond boeing's grasp?


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