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Man arrested for making false bomb threat at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

A 74-year-old man was arrested on Saturday after making a false bomb threat at Fort-Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office. Deputies took Rosen Wegal of Deerfield Beach into custody after he made the threat following an argument with an employee at the ticket counter, deputies said. After the argument, Wegal attempted to walk away without his carry-on luggage, and after being advised by the employee to take his luggage, Wegal said there was a bomb… ( More...

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Robert Cowling 15
Stupid idiot... Good grief.
sparkie624 9
74 Years old... LOL.. you think he would know better!

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Neil Ward 12
Judging by those sweeping remarks about the elderly, it would seem that your parents didn't really love you all that much. As an adjunct, remember, you will be old one day as well. Have a nice day.
bobfiegel 2
Agree. Had a reply to him started and aborted it -- not worth the trouble as you pretty much already said it.
Robert Cowling -2
But many are. It's the truth. My grandmother beat the hell out of my left-handed sister, because suddenly she decreed that 'SHE would not have a left handed grandchild'. My grandfather was horrified. No one knew where that came from. She just snapped. My mom, who bravely survived cancer for over 15 years snapped and turned into a paranoid monster, hiding everything. Bills, money, news papers, her used Kleenex, just freaking out...

Yet I have several friends in their 70's who are sharp as tacks. They remember everything that happened in their lives, and can make change in their heads. They are such an absolute delight.

I made a sweeping generalization, and am guilty of that. However, it doesn't evade the fact that there are tons of 'old people' who are a danger to themselves, and others. That man, making the threat, is a menace. He was angry, and his addled mind struck out. Thank Ford he didn't have a gun, or any other weapon. Not all elderly are noxious, but not all children are spoiled brats.

I apologize for the generalization.

And Neil, you are an ass for saying my parents didn't love me. And you slam me for MY post? Good grief...
George Pepe 1
I think if you are old and are demanding respect, then you do not deserve the respect. Same with the Karen. But really that applies to everyone.
Jaime Terrassa 3
throw him in jail fine him were it hurts and ban the idiot from flying permanetly
Russ Nelson 7
Aren't all bomb threats false? Otherwise it wouldn't be a threat, it would be an actual bomb.
Russ Nelson 3
Or, rather, it was a true bomb threat. Not an actual bomb, but truly threatening the airport with a bomb.

Or maybe, because there was no bomb, it was a false bomb threat?

But we should be happy that it was a false bomb threat, so why are we punishing him? Shouldn't he be punished more if it was a true bomb threat?
George Pepe 3
Yes, but he should also be punished for making a false one. They don’t know if it’s real or not until they can find out more.
George Pepe 1
And you’re giving me a headache
David Carr 2
Hmm, arrested for making 'false' bomb threat. Does this mean he would not be arrested if he make a 'true' bomb threat!?
And by the way, I am 90 years old, no diapers, living alone with no help, fully licensed to drive and to keep the brain sharp, I do part time accounting.


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