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Flight recording reveals confusion and chaos as a cargo plane made an emergency water landing near Hawaii

Flight records from an emergency plane landing on Friday reveal confusion as pilots asked for help. Air traffic controllers were assisting another flight and appeared to miss the emergency calls. The plane eventually landed in the water near Hawaii, and the US Coast Guard rescued the pilots. Flight records from an emergency plane landing near Honolulu on Friday reveal confusion ensued with air traffic control as the pilots tried to call in an emergency. Transair Flight 810, a Boeing 737-200… ( More...

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Honestly, can aviation related reporting get any worse? What garbage job of describing the recordings. I really like this part:

"Air traffic controllers had been communicating with a second Rhodes Aviation aircraft throughout the incident, causing further confusion".

What, just ignore the other traffic in the area? Is that an option, Business Insider? Whoever wrote this crap should quit right now and if they absolutely have to stay in the news business just get a paper route. That way, their incompetence will only effect a very limited number of people.


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