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Argument over elbow placement forces plane back to gate, gets 2 men booted: report

Two passengers about to take off on a flight from San Francisco bound for Las Vegas were removed over an argument about elbow placement on armrests, a report said. SFGate reported that the incident occurred on a United Airlines flight that was forced to return to the gate right before takeoff. The website pointed to a Google employee on the flight who posted a photo of law enforcement officers on the plane. ( More...

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Paul Miller 9
So it goes on and on.... It's seems that people are just like naughty children when they board an Aircraft these days ? and the worry is that some of them are a Big Flight risk too ??? Last year we had an almost shut down of the Airline Industry ? and now it's almost crazy land out there with passengers going wild !!!!
Brian Johnson 5
I see it on the roads too. People are going nuts...
lou nagy 4
***FOR GOD SAKE PEOPLE**** The Country, The World, is in enough Turmoil now adays, some Ignorant ADULTS Just Cant get along!! Someone once said: "BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER", "KINDNESS MATTERS"; cant we all try to Practice what is PREACHED!!
Greg S 4
Face it, we are a primitive species. Stick us on an airplane and for some of us our inner monkey starts to make its appearance. We should probably be thankful people having started flinging feces at each other ... yet.
Yvon Dionne 3
Can't we just get along? Nope. Airlines have been jamming us in aircraft seems like forever. Seats getting narrower and people getting wider. Just saying.
ADXbear 3
How about sending them the fuel bill, and gate fee to return to gate.. and a nice letter telling them to Drive to Vegas in the future..
godutch 3
I hate to say it, but what do they expect?!?! As bad as this behavior is, it's probably going to get worse...Until THE AIRLINES GET A CLUE! We are treated as sub-humans by the airlines that we pay hard earned money to move us from Point A to Point B. Not only do we pay these SERVICE PROVIDERS to move us from A to B, our TAX MONEY has been used by our government to bail these assholes out. We in turn get crammed into cattle cars, get harassed by mask Nazis, and put up with these same airlines often canceling our flights SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY CAN! We are no longer customers, we have been turned into pains in their butts...and are treated as such. We get little respect and little appreciation for keeping them in business.
Larry Toler 2
As a former flight attendant, I agree with you 100%. I've travelled a lot being stationed overseas in the US Air Force. It's funny I was an air transportation specialist and could have flown on our own aircraft but I flew commercial any time I could. The way I saw it, passengers were supposed to be our bread and butter. For the most part I really like most of my passengers. I do miss it, but the way airlines are treating their employees and crew and worse paying passengers like your self. LOL, even though I was just on regional aircraft it was all first class as much as I could make it. You spent good money, you deserve good service. That's how I liked to be treated.
patrick baker 2
tension is just barely under the skin. People are not copping well with much of the therapy being offered.And manners are missing in action. What to do? after sufficent reported numbers of contentious passengers are removed, jailed, fined, then some of this will reduce, not cease. Restrictive uncomfortable seats, passengers packed liked sardines,hot, stuffy air: all lead toward bad behavior creation.
James Driskell 1
It is refreshing to read the comments here. Too often, some comments on similar subjects seem to descend into nonsense and drivel. Hopefully, this upward trend will continue.

Oh, BTW, I agree that these two individuals should be presented with the bill for the extra costs associated with their removal. Let 'em walk the next time.
JetChaser 1
Some airlines should share responsibility, jamming so many seats inside, we are sitting on one each others laps. Then factor in alcohol and the stress that is flying and voila
mary susan watkins 1
how very childish...people have gotten such "me first" attitudes these last few years...
coinflyer 0
And this is right down to United for squeezing in ever narrower seats with less and less elbow room and knee room. The pennies they've tried to save over years by torturing the passengers just evaporated, or will with the first diversion from this cause once airborne.
Ahh for the days of the Panam Clipper ships!
kamueladude 2
Nonsense. Seats aren't "narrower" - six across is still six across. The aisle isn't bigger. So how did the seats get "narrower"?

They didn't.
godutch 5
Leg room, leg room, leg room.
Larry Toler 1
The seats did actually get narrower and thinner. How that got past safety regulations is beyond me.
5 across


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