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Delta Air Lines Airbus A320 Returns To Minneapolis After Multiple Issues

A series of faults saw a Delta Air Lines Airbus return to Minneapolis on Thursday, May 27. The incident, which has only recently come to light, caused the pilots to declare an emergency and, facing braking problems, ask for the longest available runway. ( More...

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patrick baker 4
i noted that the aircraft went next day back into full service, a tribute to the ground crew employees of Delta. I also note that even with the combination of system flaws, this airbus was able to make a safe landing, a tribute to the designers of the 320. Good pilots also made the safe landing possible.
Mel Globerman 2
It interesting to note that there were so many concurrent system failures. Were these failures a result of; poor or inadequate design/engineering, or poor manufacturing techniques methods? Or, was it insufficient or incorrect maintenance. It would be informative to know the answers.


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