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Qantas infiltrated by organised criminals, says intelligence report

Crime agencies believe Qantas has been infiltrated by motorbike gangs and other organised crime groups to facilitate drug importation and other activities that pose a risk to national security. A classified federal law enforcement intelligence operation has determined that up to 150 Qantas staff are linked to criminality. The operation describes suspected wrongdoing that is “serious and represents a very high threat to the Australian border”. ( More...

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ADXbear 5
Anyone heard of background checks there?
mbrews 3
Not really surprising. Aussie gangs simply copying the well-proven methods of Colombian drug cartels.
Andre Blanchard 3
Oh wow! Scary!
David Teague 2
As long as society and the legal system is soft on the consumer, the market will continue.
Mike Dryden 1
Base an airline in a penal colony and these things will happen. :-D


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