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United Airlines Orders Up To 50 Boom Supersonic Aircraft

United Airlines has announced it will be the first US airline to operate supersonic passenger aircraft from Boom Supersonic. The airline will take 15 Boom Overture aircraft, with an option for 35 more, hopefully in service by 2029. ( More...

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canuck44 6
Maybe they should name it the Solyndra for someone is going to take a bath on this concept. To bring this to commercial serviice in seven years would be Warp Speed for commercial aviation.
mbrews 5
Duplicate post. The story made its intended PR boom more than 24 hours ago.
sparkie624 1
Yeah... I saw the dupe just a fraction of a second after I hit the enter key and FA does not have a way for us to remove our own posts... Sorry guys.. not intentional.
linbb 1
Careful on how you post was sent a nasty gram about mine on here a few weeks back.
sparkie624 1
No I sent a Nasty Gram about being harassed every time I made a post!


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