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Russia blocks flights that avoid Belarusian airspace

Simply put, things are heating up in my view... From article: Why it matters: The move comes after the EU told European airlines not to fly over Belarus, and appears to seek to undermine the bloc's response to the country's strongman leader Aleksandr Lukashenko, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin. ( More...

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Robert Cowling 10
Russia is a major problem, and is getting worse.
Roy Hunte 2
Diplomatic headaches over a Dictator's stupid vanity.
aurodoc 2
I would not expect anything less from Russia and its proxy. You can put as many restrictions or sanctions on them but they don't care even if you invade a neighboring country or shoot down a passenger airliner because they know there will be no military retaliation. I hope the Europeans don't bend on this but if Russia decides to turn off the gas supply to countries in the West I suspect the EU will capitulate.


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