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Airbus Reportedly Mulls Next Generation A322 Aircraft

As Airbus makes swift progress towards getting its first A321XLR built, the European planemaker is also looking further into the future, considering what airlines will want next and what it might build to meet those future needs. Sources note that the firm is already gauging interest for an A321 stretch, an ‘A322’. ( More...

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Derek Vaughn 3
I'm sure Delta would like to pre-order 100 frames today.
ADXbear 3
Here's an idea, how about taking what ustomers want in this new aircraft, and Boeing had better get the 757xx back in production.. thy have alot of reputation repair to do..
Pecos Llama 1
Long plane is loooooooong!
jptq63 1
Sounds like a 757…. From article info: A321: 44.51m (146ft) and the 757-300 measures 54.4m (178ft 5in).
Torsten Hoff 1
Stretching an existing airframe doesn’t make it a Next Generation aircraft. Airbus is at risk of repeating Boeing’s MAX mistakes.
Raymond Doherty 9
Nothing wrong with extending an existing ariframe if done right. Only mistake with the MAX was going cheap (outsourcing) and rushing the software development, and giving short shrift to QA and human factors analysis.
Dubslow 3
Well it depends entirely on fundamental limits of the existing airframe. The 737 clearly had such fundamental limits (gear length primarily), while it's not clear to us outsiders if the A320 family has any such fundamental limit as yet. It's not obvious either way
Roy Hunte 2
If they do it right they won't. Boeing rushed the MAX.
C.W. Reed 0
How about an A360. Take an A340 and stretch it like the DC-8-70.:-)
Larry Toler 6
That was already done with the A340. The A340-600 were pretty long.
SkyAware123 -2
As long as they're not pulling a '737-max' crashing into the seas.


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