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Southwest Airlines keeps insulting me and I think I've had enough

Its corporate attitude seems relaxed, even verging on the human. Its employees are often free to express themselves wittily. Even their planes have a certain democratic air, with no real snooty section separating the haves from the have-lesses. ( More...

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Tom Bruce 7
is this worthy of a Flight Aware post?
C Anderson 6
I will always fly Southwest whenever I have the option. I worked with two Southwest Flight Attendants who took their earned vacation time to go to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria where they volunteered for 10 long days of seriously demanding and physically exhausting disaster relief work for no pay (and no media). Those are the kind of people who get my attention and earn my loyalty. Sure, I get emails I don't like and never asked for, but I've learned how to deal with it. This "journalist" needs to get over himself. By the way, I think Flight Aware should be above this drivel.
Tom Bruce 6
agree 100% it's a good outfit...and I've never had a bad experience with them... but then, I always treat people with respect
John D 3
Funny how that works :)
aurodoc 1
I have been a customer of SWA for 40 years. My neighbor was a captain who on one occasion (before all the rules) put me in the jump seat from El Paso to San Antonio. In my opinion they are safe and reliable and fly them often. I doubt flight crews would work for them if they were not safe. Herb Kelleher was a leader in low cost airlines and am happy to fly with them.
Robert Cowling 1
And yet Southwest has been cited by the FAA for repeated violations of various regulations.

Like flying passengers on planes that were deemed to be unsafe for passenger revenue operations. Yeah, they *have* done that. Several times. But my family only flies them, so they have a HUGE loyal customer base, and that doesn't happen by accident. (No pun intended)

I've had unpleasant experiences on American and Untied, but NO airline is immune from 'personnel issues'. Letting people have fun on the job is great.

My last flight on Northwest was post their latest strike, and the pilots were having fun with one flight attendant being the ex-wife of the pilot and was dating the co-pilot. I laughed. They were funny, but some didn't take it that way. Some people...

If you can't laugh, just go away. Life isn't meant to be taken that seriously...
joel wiley 2
It seems to me in this regulatory morass, that if you do anything, or even nothing at all, you are probably in violation of some regulation somewhere.
dee9bee 2
I suspect there is an "unsubscribe" link in the small print somewhere. The author of the article needs to get a life.
Chris Croft 2
I suspect there is no secret that avionik99 probably feels that the theory of eugenics is logical.Somebody that goes online to Google photos and Youtube videos to look at "The People of Walmart"and then post their comments on an aviation website really needs some mental health counseling
David Isaacs 3
It seems that once you surrender your email address to a company you have opened yourself up to this type of marketing. It is unfortunate when you are reluctant to block the sender because they might send something you really want to know. Of course this is consistent with how the advertising world has evolved. It is hard to find a sporting event where you. Can look in any direction without seeing the name of some company. Now the jockeys in the Derby have joined. Soon, we will brand company names onto the horses.
ToddBaldwin3 1
That was quite a whine. Perhaps he would like some cheese to go with it. He is very fortunate that this is what he has time worry about.
avionik99 -5
It's no secret that Southwest is the "Walmart" of airline companies! Google photo's or youtube video's titled "The People of Walmart". Those are the same people you fly with on Southwest Airlines!


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